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The goal of this website is to promote the Demons & Saints world and provide a quality resource for gamers with benefits such as official announcements, public relations, and more.

History: 2010-2014

The original Demons & Saints RPG was written in 2010 by Michael Holder. Since then, the game has been revised through thousands of hours of test play from various gamers and gaming groups in both Florida and Georgia.

During this process, Demons & Saints received interest from many different areas including publishers (Chaosium, Decipher Inc, & Edge Publishing) and publicists (Maria Santen from Hot Story PR & Tamara Dunda from Writer’s Creation).

Despite publishing contract offers (such as from Windstorm Creative Publishing and Winterwolf Publishing), Michael focused on furthering the development of the game and continued test-playing.

By the end of 2014, the Demons & Saints role playing game had received significantly high marks from all test groups thus meeting the “set standard” for publishing.

History: 2015-Present

With the completion of the testing, developing, and editing (layout, artwork, etc) phases of the game, the Demons & Saints Rulebook was set to print.

During the year, Demons & Saints was put through a rigorous series of market research and demographic testing. The data collected during this phase indicated strong multi-media potential and supported the development of a Demons & Saints brand (see Branding Proposal). For a limited time, players may order copies of the game at the author’s personal website Darklore Publishing.

Demons & Saints is currently seeking publishers, multi-media companies, and video game producers. The long term goal is to reach markets interested in a Dark Fantasy RPG and continue working on expanding the Demons & Saints gaming line.

Our primary goal is to “…provide audiences and fans a glimpse into the supernatural horror world of Demons & Saints” through an ongoing series of books, video & computer games, comic books, card games, board games, and nationwide gaming tournaments.

“We strongly believe in the success of the project based on feedback received from hundreds of experienced gamers, reviewers, and game developers “

– Michael Holder

150BUSD Profit
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