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Welcome!  My name is Michael Holder and I am an experienced therapist (working both mental health & substance abuse), a twenty-year veteran of role playing games, an entrepreneur, a world traveler, & an expert in the field of behavior management. My powerful use of psychology, as a tool for managing the environment, can be found throughout all my writings.

I was raised in a military family (US Air Force), and my early education was in Department of Defense schools as my family was stationed from base to base throughout Europe and the United States during the cold war.

I’ve had a world education and visited such places as Mozart’s home in Salzburg, Hitler’s Eagle Nest, Concentration Camp of Dachau, Anne Frank house, Cathedral of Cologne, Burchesgarten Castle, King Minos Palace in Crete, Acropolis in Athens, and many others historical sites. This early exposure to world history would have a great influence on my later work.

Following high school graduation, I enrolled into college where I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology in 1992 and a Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology in 1994. In addition, I earned a Bachelors in Information Technology in 2011.

Upon graduating, I worked three years as an emotional/behavioral disorder teacher & gained years of experience as a mental health therapist. I also helped facilitate one of the first intensive drug clinics for youth in central Florida and created an original behavior model that helps troubled children.

As a writer, my favorite genres are horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Among my personal projects, I am working on expanding the Demons & Saints world with the addition of new story lines, new characters & encounters, and a series of new adventures.

I enjoy sports such as football and basketball, traveling, fishing, boating, hunting, and spending time with his daughter. I currently reside in Alexandria, Virginia with my wife. Together we enjoy all the attractions of the Virginia, DC, and Maryland area.

Regarding issues of who I am spirituality, the quote I am known for saying is…..

I am far more spiritual than religious but learning about the greatest religions of the world is a good start down the road of spirituality.

Michael Holder

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