It is our mission to make Demons & Saints the finest role-playing experience we can. From our origins as a project of passion to a rising publisher, we wish to uphold the same commitment to fostering talent. To that end, we are always open to ideas, suggestions, concepts, story-lines, or full-fledged content to build up the world of Demons & Saints.

We do not believe in encumbering prospective contributors with a complicated submission process. Simply follow the instructions below in submitting your query letter to our email, and if your query interests us, we will contact you within a week to discuss your content further and review your submission in depth.

We look forward to seeing the creativity that you, our most devoted fans, bring to the table, and appreciate you reaching out to us to share your ideas with us.


First, send us a query letter with no attachments; briefly, explain your submission, why you think it would be popular with our player base, and what it would add to the Demons & Saints world.


If you are looking for the opportunity to work for commissions, first submit a query letter with a brief portfolio of at least three but no more than five of your best works. You may also attach a link to a larger online portfolio, but we will look at submissions with attachments first.

If you are submitting fan-art to be posted in official spaces on the website, please include “Fan Art Submission” in the subject line of your query letter.

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