The most authentic religious-horror game ever made.

– John Papanos

Underworld meeting The Exorcist and scaring the hell out of you.

– Tyler Evans

Demons & Saints brings you face-to-face with evil and dares you to blink.

– Jerry Russell

Possession & exorcisms, weapons, powers, monsters, and conspiracies that will make your skin crawl. This game should be sold with a warning label and a prayer book.

– Sarah Jacobson

There were moments when no one even breathed a sound… the game is that intense.

– Michael Maize

When you hear the prayers of a dark angel, when you first feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand, you begin to realize the power of this game, and suddenly you are afraid.

– Kevin James

Before sitting down to play this game, you might want to invest in a crucifix and some prayer beads, no kidding!

– Karen Meadows

One of the best role playing games to come out in a long time. A serious consideration for anyone interested in the demonic horror genre.

– Nathan Thomas

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