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Welcome to the world of Demons & Saints, a dark fantasy role playing game.  With this game you and your friends will create characters that are thrust into a secret world war between fallen angels with the future of mankind hanging in the balance.

This unholy war will be fought by seven factions divided into two powerful opposing forces.  Your character’s path will tip the balance of the war toward good or evil as he or she  battles against demons, monsters, undead, deadly magic, sinister organizations, demonic possession, satanic cults and so much more.  Along the way, your character will be forced to make moral, social, spiritual and even life and death decisions.

Yet, despite the drama of the game, it is important to note that there are no hidden messages or secret agendas in Demons & Saints.  There is only the hope of stimulating friendships, camaraderie, and trust between players while providing hours of entertainment.

Lastly, like other role playing games, Demons & Saints is not meant to be a single-experienced event.  It is intended to be a game that tracks the lives of the characters as they go from one adventure to the next.  When one game session ends, the story or adventure picks up during the next gaming session.

Are you ready to join the realm of Demons & Saints and experience it for yourself?

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